Few years ago lots of emphasis was put on having a website for your business.

But as time goes by and technology advances getting online is the basic thing you can do.

The focus has shifted from just having a website online to assessing its value to the business.

A website should supplement company sales through direct sales on the website or via sales lead interms of inquiry from the website.

My job is to ensure you get the right website that will add value to your business

How i do it.

I specialize in creating valuable websites using open source content management system(CMS).

Using CMS makes it easy for you to manage and update your website when necessary.

Type of websites i make.

Some of the websites I create includes; news websites, e-commerce websites, portfolio websites, hotel booking website, Adult website, discussion or forum website, photography website among others.

Basic features of all my website;

I create website from a marketing perspective that makes sure your website has all necessary tools and features to generate sales lead.

All websites i work on always includes below features.

  1. Social Media integration
  2. Mobile friendly website
  3. Integrated SEO tools
  4. Website speed optimization
  5. Contact forms.
  6. And so much more depending with the project

How to work with me

Am always eager and ready to start new business relations. Fill in the form below and submit. 

How long does it take;

The project duration depends on client response. Typically it would take 14 days or more depending on the type of website and the features you want to be included. 

Extra services

I help link your ‘New’ website with online analysis tools that help track performance and send monthly reports which help in content marketing, website structure, SEO among others.

How much do you charge?

My charges depend on the type of website and features required. But my charge ranges from $500

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