4 Logo files you must have for your business

4 Logo files you must have for your business

Are you looking at revamping your logo? Or starting a business and require a logo?

This post will help you understand the type of logo files you require from the designers and their use.

Just for clarity, a logo is a mark that is associated with your business for identification purposes also referred to as a brand identity.

My assumption is that you are seeking design services from a professional designer.

These are the people who understand logo files mentioned below and know how to generate them.

The file types you will require from a logo design project can be categorized into four;

  1. Editable logo
  2. High-resolution logo
  3. Low-resolution logo
  4. Website logo

1. Editable logo

As the name suggests this is a file that you can edit. This file is necessary for making any tweaks to your logo in the future.

As a business owner, you may not have the tools or technical know-how to use this file.

This is a designers’ file when you need to make changes to the logo any designer can edit it for you.

The commonly accepted editable logo format includes; .AI .EPS .CDR .SVG these are vector based files.

2. High-resolution logo

This is your logo scaled big while maintaining its quality.

This file is suitable for large format printing such as on billboards, branding, banners among others.

This can be your logo in any image format or PDF file this includes; .PNG .JPG .TIFF .PDF .PSD and others

3. Low-resolution logo

This is your logo in standard sizes for day to day use in branding your business such as use in presentations, letterhead, business cards, email signature, websites among others.

These file types are images which include, .png, .jpg and others

4. Website logo

This is a special file format configured for website usage.

This logo is responsive and will automatically scale depending on the screen size.

This logo is referred to as a .SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) file format.


Those are the four key logo file you require from your designer or design agency to make sure you have control of the brand identity.

The best scenario is where all your logo files are in one folder,

Such that when you are doing a project that requires your branding, you send the folder to the implementing partners for them to choose the logo file that best fit the use.

Or you upload your brand identity folder online such as on google drive so that you will only be sharing a link to the folder for the interested parties to access your logos.

All the best.

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