5 types of clients freelancers should run away from

Clients are the lifeline of any business.

If you are a freelancer, nothing excites us like an inquiry from a new business lead.

BUT, you will need a third eye to sieve through loads of jokers to get serious clients who mean business.

A serious client is a blessing to your hustle and if well taken care of, can open doors for you. While a joker is there to waste your time and energy.

Based on my interactions these are the type of clients you need to run away from.

1. “Send us samples” clients

Top on my list are clients who insist on having samples of my work, despite having a huge portfolio online.

Their true intention is to brain rape you. They compel you to start working on their project to prove that you can deliver.

Remember you are working on their project without any commitment.

Once you submit the work (Samples) they go silent on you and it’s up to you to keep following up.

Most of these clients NEVER buy.

They source for ideas from different creatives and have their designer do the work using ideas submitted.

Always ask for a deposit and stand your ground before starting any project.

If a client is serious he/she will pay, then you can start brainstorming and giving ideas.

2. The ‘Big guys’

These clients always start the conversation by letting you know how big their company is and what you stand to gain working with them.

If they commit they will pay poorly and harass you throughout the project.

In some cases these guys want you to work on their project and pay you through “HUGE exposure” you stand to get by working with their “Big” brand.

How I wish I could use the same exposure to pay my bills!

Run! Run! from these “Big guys”

3. “Send us a quotation” clients.

When I get a quotation inquiry, I love to interact further to know the organization and understand their project before I can send a quotation.

This interaction helps me separate jokers from serious clients.

A joker will immediately disengage or give you general descriptions of their project and keep requesting for a quotation.

These guys request for quotes from different providers to compare prices.

Personally, I try as much as possible to run from these guys, they are a total waste of time.

4. “I don’t care about your sales process”, clients.

Most freelancers or businesses have a sales process.

For instance, for anyone to work with me one has to sign/accept my quotation, contract and pay 50% deposit.

I once had a client who from all signs was ready to work with me, I had two meeting with the client and everything was set.

Everything changed after I sent them my contract to sign for me to start working on the project, for some reason they were hesitant to accept it.

After following up for days they finally informed me they chose to go with ‘another provider’.

If a client is not ready to follow your sale process, RUN!

It’s possible the client will be problematic in the future.

5. “Praisers”

They come to you with lots of praises for your work.

How they love your work whether genuine or fake but all they want is to win you over and get a huge discount or try to persuade you to work for free.

These guys are very convincing, beware of them!


Those are my top clients whom I try to run away from as fast as possible.

Now it’s time to hear from you.

What are some of the client you try to avoid? Add via comment.

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