7 Tips for law firm website owners in Kenya and beyond

This article will give you helpful tips that you can implement today to improve your law firm website.

1. Existing myths and misconception

“Good liars make good lawyers” probably you have heard this expression among others.

Unfortunately, the society generally perceives lawyers to be liars.

This could be as a result of the nature of your work, where you represent the interest of your client irrespective of what is the truth.

One of the key things you got to figure out how to address with your website is how to change these misconceptions and win visitors’ confidence.

2. Your clients are not lawyers.

Lawyers are known to use heavy words, maybe to confuse us… I don’t know.

Using heavy vocabulary and jargon is a sure way to not deliver your message as intended.

Your audience will spend most time figuring out the meaning of your vocabularies and might miss the message.

If you want to communicate effectively use simple and common words.

This also applies to your website.

3. Let’s get practical with lead generation

If your website goal is to generate quality sales lead. You need to rethink how you want to collect these leads.

Most law firms have the common lead generation form that has Name, Subject, Email, and Your feedback.

But, how practical is this?

Rarely will a paying client use this form to inquire about a case he or she may want help with, we all know how insecure online can be.

What is practical for lawyers is to have a booking form as your lead generation tool.

This way a client can book an appointment to visit your office and explain his/her case.

4. Awards memberships, and recognition.

Showing awards, memberships, and recognition on the website will help build trust with your audience.

This is highly recommended particularly if your target audience is big corporations and governments.

This type of client cares about your membership and associations, as a measure to protect their brand.

However, if you are targeting the common man AKA  ”Wanjiku’, they may not know or care about them.

In today’s society awards and recognition has greatly lost value, in most cases as long as you have money and influence you can have any accolades that you want.

As you showcase your accolades, keep in mind that clients who need your services care about two things;

  1. Can they trust you?
  2. Have you successfully handled similar cases before?

All you need is to demonstrate this and you will be a step away from converting online visitors to clients.

5. People don’t hire lawyers from google search results.

Don’t get me wrong, getting your law firm on the first page of Google is great, to enhance your brand awareness and visibility.

But, again let’s be practical.

Quick question, how do you get clients?

Most of you, it’s through referrals from clients, family, and friends.

This is because of the confidential nature of your business.

For this reason, rarely will you find paying client from Google search results or any other online marketing efforts.

6. Content marketing is still the king

Content marketing is indirect marketing that involves the creation and sharing of educational content.

This form of marketing focuses on sharing knowledge with your audience in your areas of expertise.

For instance, this article is part of my content marketing strategy, I am sharing with you helpful tips for your law firm website.

Content marketing will help your law firm be seen as an expert in your practice area but only if you give great advise.

If you help someone free of charge with your content next time they have a similar problem you will be the first law firm they will think about for help.

With content marketing great content will be shared with family and friends, helping you in further marketing your brand.

7. Put the Meat where the mouth is

Do you know who your clients are, Where they hang out? Events they attend? Causes they care about?

These are some of the basic questions you should answer without thinking twice.

Knowing your audience will guide you on website design, messaging, where to share your content, events to sponsor or attend, among others.

Most law firms look forward to getting published on law-related websites and publications.

But who do they target?

We know law-related publications and website major visitors are the legal communities.

Therefore if your goal is to reach prospective clients and you spend most of your time creating content for your legal community your priorities are wrong.

However, if part of your goals is to further advance your legal community, you can contribute as you wish.

By putting the meat where the mouth is your brand should be visible where your prospective clients are likely to see you.

Your content should be distributed on platforms where prospective clients spend most their time.

For instance, if you specialize in commercial law, you should regularly get published on business-related publications.

In Kenya, I am talking about Business daily, The East African among others.

If you offer general practice law, you could regularly contribute to local publications on the current legal related issues.


Having a website for your law firm is highly recommended But due to the confidential nature of your business, it uncommon to have paying clients from online efforts.

Most of your clients will come through referrals from friends, clients, and family

Your website will help in brand awareness and educate your target audience through content marketing.

I hope you found this article insightful.

I know lawyers always have something to say, share your thoughts or questions by leaving a comment.


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