9 reason why successful businesses use professional email signature

9 reason why successful businesses use professional email signature

A signature is a name or nickname of a person handwritten in a distinctive way and appended on documents as a proof of identity and authority.

Similarly, an email signature is an identifier of who you are via email. The signature is appended on every email you send, placed at the footer.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses use email signature.

1. To offer an alternative contact information

Email signature provides a quick contact reference in your email.

If someone need a clarification on your message they can either reply to your email or use other quick alternatives to contact you.

This can inlclude; Mobile/Office Number, Skype ID, Whatsapp Number among others.

2. To promote product or services

Most of the email signature platforms allows links and image within the signature.

Businesses take advantage of this to link to their landing pages or have a banner AD as part of the email to promote their products/services.

3. To get more followers on social media

Businesses with active social media pages use the signature to link to those pages, this will help build your audience.

4. To introduce yourself

Email signature gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to your recipients.

This is done by adding your name and position in the business as part of your signature.

5. To build credibility and trustworthy.

Some of the businesses uses a passport photo as part of their employees signature this is known boost credibility and trust.

A photo in your signature gives the recipients the impression that they are talking to you personally.

6. To have a standard brand messaging

Most businesses use email signature as part of their branding strategy.

They incorporate their brand identity asset such as the logo on all their email signature to affirm their identity.

7. To inform where your business is located

If your business has a physical location, you can use the signature to direct recipients to the location of your business.

This is done by including your business name, physical location and address as part of your signature.

8. To show achievements and milestones.

When your business achieves a major milestone such as accreditation or certifications, you can include this information as part of your signature, this will boost your credibility.

9. To look professional

Having an email signature distinguishes you as a professional who is serious in his/her engagement.


Your signature should be attractive, brief and professional.

Don’t try to include every element mentioned above, use what works for your business.

The signature should not distract from your primary message.

Below is a my HTML email signature.My email signature

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