Corporate Vehicle branding in Nairobi, Kenya (5 TIPS)

It’s difficult to know your online visitors, but am lucky to know you are interested in vehicle branding in Nairobi, Kenya. Before you typed in your search on google, you had a rough idea of what you want. This article will help you to further understand beyond vehicle branding. If this is not what you […]

Do my business need an eCommerce website? {Answered}

What is an ecommerce website? “eCommerce is the activity of buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet.” This is according to Wikipedia¬† An eCommerce website is, therefore, a website where visitors can buy your products or services online. Buying online involves making an order, paying and the product is delivered […]

Experience is the best teacher! Now offering Website/Email Hosting

A few months ago a client approached us to work with them on a website development project. She already had a website, but it was static, old school and added no value to the company. During this project, the client narrated her ordeal with the domain host. According to her, the website would go offline […]

How much does it cost to own a website in Kenya?

This post will help you get a general idea of what website development would cost you here in Kenya. To understand costing you must first understand the process, though it differs depending on who you ask. After you submit a detailed brief on what you want. The first stage is for the developer to get […]

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