How I successfully built Mteja360 brand identity


Mteja360 is a product by ABNO Softwares International,

It offers cloud-based Customer Experience Solution that helps you track, assign and respond to customer requests.

I had the privilege of helping come up with Mteja360 brand identity.

Mteja360 project

During a strategic meeting on Mteja360, I was invited to further understand the product and give my views on ongoing website development.

In the meeting, I was requested to review Mteja360 logo which they had developed internally.

Mteja360 old logo

Mteja360 old logo

Looking at the logo I failed to connect it with the product that I had fully understood.

If I couldn’t understand the identity, I was sure that taking the identity to the market would not yield the best results.

The solution

The initial brief was to just retouch the logo, which meant I had to keep all the initial elements and see how to best present them

BUT if I was to go that route the identity will be misrepresenting the product and wouldn’t like to be associated with it.

Instead of retouching the logo I spent few days brainstorming and finally coming up with a new identity which would better represent the product.

I loved the original logo color usage thereby maintaining it, but had to create new brand identity elements.

After days of thinking and several considerations, I finally settled on the logo below;

Mteja360 new logo

Mteja360 new logo

To be honest, as it is with most Creatives, I was not sure if they would like the proposed logo, I had gone contrary to the brief.

However, they LOVED the proposed identity.

Mteja360 launch

What followed was a series of Mteja360 related branding projects such as;

banners, APP User Interface design, posters, fliers, media banner, presentations, stationery design, t-shirt design among others

And the official launch of the product through a successful event held by ABNO Softwares International.

Herein, are photos during the launch



Mteja360 launch

Mteja360 launch

Mteja360 logo on cake during launch

ABNO Softwares International CEO Alex Barasa giving a speech during the launch

Mteja360 launch event

Mteja360 media banner

The review

The project was a success and the CEO ABNO Softwares International, Alex Barasa left below review.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ben on the creative designs of our company. He is an ingenious designer who is constantly striving to be more creative in his designs and more efficient in every task. Ben has always been enjoyable and easy to work with. He is a proactive and collaborative problem solver and I would highly recommend him.”

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