Yoani Yappaville Website Development

The journey of transforming Yoani YappaVille website into a modern website

This was a successful case of cold emailing.

One of my email campaigns caught the attention of Dr. Anita Mills Stanley and Robin Stanley, directors at Yoani Yappaville.

Yoani Yappaville is not only a farm but also pet’s paradise If you feel your pet need some time off or a holiday this is the place to take them.

From numerous email exchanges we had, they were not happy with their website, host, and developer.

Here were the main issues they wanted to be solved:

  1. Unable to update the website – The website back-end was complex, they had no idea how to update it.
  2. Unreliable hosting – According to their explanation their website was on/off and during their peak period when the website was much needed, it could not work.
  3. Non-Mobile friendly – The website was not mobile friendly.
  4. Obsolete – The website was done years back, it looked old therefore a fresh new look was required.
yoani yappavile old website
Yoani yappavile old website (Click to view a larger image on a different tab)

Immediately I got their inquiry email below, I went through their website and social media to understand what they do.

inquiry i got from Yoani yappaville
The first inquiry I got from Yoani yappaville

This step is very important, it helps in coming up with the best layout for the client.

I am an online freelancer with very little face to face communication.

To some client, this is a challenge when it comes to paying a deposit to start work.

Anita was not an exception, she was not sure if I was the right person for the job and seemed hesitant.

I don’t start any project without a deposit but based on prior communications I can identify serious clients from ‘jokers’.

Anita had proven they were serious about this project and ready to start as soon as possible BUT I had not earned her trust yet, which i totally understood.

I quickly created a simple proposal which they liked.

The proposal proved that I can deliver and a basic trust established. They signed the quote, contract and cleared deposit invoice.

Luckily during this period, my table was not full, as soon as I got the deposit I began working on the website.

Having understood their business and what they required, putting together the website was a piece of cake.

After few days, I was ready to share the new look website with them.

The client was happy with the results, I trained her how to update the website and dropped me below review

If you are looking for someone with imagination and flair in website development, Ben is your man!! His work is inspiring and he clearly has a passion for what he does. We asked Ben for a ‘taster’ of a Home Page based on our previous website and a short explanation of what we do, before we contracted his services. Within a day Ben presented us with something that we could not refuse – it radiated creativity showing us that he had done his research and had grasped exactly what our company was about. From the word ‘go’, Ben was professional, efficient, easy to work with remotely through emails (considering the numerous changes we needed on an hourly basis) and very understanding of our requirements. Development of the website was extremely quick – all the while being updated on what was happening. Once completed, Ben made time to travel out to our business location (out of town) and spent a day ‘training’ us how to manage the new website. He continues to follow up on a regular basis and is very happy to help with answering questions and making changes. We are delighted with our new website – and have had many positive reports from our clientele. Thank you Ben.

As I always do with my website projects, I usually check-in every day to make sure the website in online and ensure it is running on the latest software for security purposes.

The website has been online 24/7 even during their peak period.


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