How much does it cost to own a website in Kenya?

  This post will help you get a general idea of what website development would cost you here in Kenya. To understand costing you must first understand the process, though it differs depending on who you ask. After you submit a detailed brief on what you want. The first stage is for the developer to […]

5 tips to help you in website redevelopment in Kenya with zero cost and expertise

Globally the average lifespan of a website is around 3 years. This is caused by changing technology, change in how visitors consume information and change in internet marketing. After 3 years progressive businesses will either order for a complete change of their website or improvement of the existing website. In Kenya, very few businesses regularly […]

9 reason why successful businesses use professional email signature

A signature is a name or nickname of a person handwritten in a distinctive way and appended on documents as a proof of identity and authority. Similarly, an email signature is an identifier of who you are via email. The signature is appended on every email you send, placed at the footer. Here are some […]

5 types of clients freelancers should run away from

Clients are the lifeline of any business. If you are a freelancer, nothing excites us like an inquiry from a new business lead. BUT, you will need a third eye to sieve through loads of jokers to get serious clients who mean business. A serious client is a blessing to your hustle and if well […]

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