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A company profile is an important outreach document for businesses offering services or products to other businesses popularly know as a B2B business model.

It introduces your business and has the necessary information to help the recipient make a decision whether or not to work with you.

Therefore your profile is a key marketing document and you should invest in it by having it professionally designed while having necessary marketing strategies.

What is company profile design

Company profile design is an art of transforming an existing profile into a marketing document, to help in sales lead generation and to professionally present your company.

The design is a well thought out process that makes use of skills in marketing and creative design.

What is a company profile

A company profile is your business Curriculum Vitae.

It informs what your business offers, the people driving the business and why people should work with you.

The content depends on the industry and what you would like included.

Most businesses have a company profile

Most businesses get it right, by having a document that they consider as a company profile.

But fail to understand its potential as a marketing tool.

Having your company profile typed out and sending the blocks of text to prospectives is not the way to go.

Results oriented company profile.

Beyond the perfect layout, fonts, graphics, and colors.

Your company profile should be created for a specific goal/s.

What is one thing your recipients should take away from your profile? Or what action would you like them to take after going through your company profile?

Answers to this question will guide your team in creating content for the company profile and later help in the layout and design on your profile.

How to build trust with your company profile

People work with businesses they trust, the first step to building trust is by being honest. You can learn more here on 9 ways you can use to build trust in your company profile


I hope this article helped you see a company profile differently.

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Below are some of the company profiles we have worked on.

Prochem East Africa company profile

Prochem East Africa company profile

Brand World company profile

Brand World company profile

B M Musau and Co., advocates company profile

B M Musau and Co., advocates company profile

Corporate Ankara company profile

Corporate Ankara company profile

Mocha Hotel Kisii company profile

Mocha Hotel Kisii company profile

And so much more

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