How much does it cost to create a website in Kenya?

This post will help you get a general idea of how much it cost to create a website in Kenya.

To understand costing you must first understand the process.

The process of website development differs depending on who you ask.  Below is the general process;

After a discovery meeting or a client submit a detailed brief on they want.

1. Research

The first stage is to do research on what your direct and indirect competitors are doing.

The research will help further understand your industry

and come up with a unique proposal that will differentiate your business from the competitors.

2. Webpage layouts and Designs

This stage is for the designer to come up with the best layouts putting into considerations website objectives and whats competitors are doing.

At the end of this phase, the development team will come up with a website theme which includes the colors, content layouts, Font style, among other elements.

The layouts are shared with the client to get feedback.

Again this depends on your budget, this is mostly for clients looking for custom website development and have a good budget.

3. Building the website

Once the client is happy with the design and s/he approves them,

The development team moves to the next phase which is the coding of the approved designs into functional web pages.

This phase gives life to the website layouts, At this stage, they come up with the actual website,

While ensuring its meets quality standards while ensuring it will give a positive user experience.

4. Testing the draft website

After numerous internal tests by the development team,

They submit the website to the client for review and testing.

The most development team will send you a private link to the draft website for you to have a first-hand experience.

As the client, you can also suggest improvements to make the website better.

5. Website optimizations and going live

This is the most exciting phase of the website development project.

Both the client and the development team are looking forward to sharing with the public their awesome project.

But before going live the development team need to optimize the website for speed, search engine, and others.

To make your website available on the internet(Going live) you will need to have a domain e.g. ( and a server space to host your website files.

Domain registration and hosting is paid annually,

Website hosting charges depends on your server needs.

Once the development team are happy with the project its time to implement the website and go live.

One thing to note..

Your website don’t have to be perfect to be launched, you perfect it along the way.

It takes a lot of experimentation and tweaks to meet the changing web technology and user needs.

This is why corporates have a dedicated development team to manage their website and ensure continued website development.

As you can see creating a website is quite a process and will take not less than 2 weeks.

Depending on your budget and turnaround time some of the mentioned steps can be skipped.

Based on my interaction with clients, most of them approach you with a predetermined cost in mind.

The problem with this approach is that it robs you an opportunity to get all the necessary features and ideas the developer might have to help your website achieve its goals.

The cost of creating a website is not fixed.

Most developers have a baseline cost depending on their experience and overheads.

The cost will vary from the baseline cost depending on clients needs.

So, how much does it cost to create a website in Kenya?

As I previously mentioned there is no standard charge for website development.

However, I can share with you my standard charges.

My website development charges start from kes 50,000 for SMEs and startups.

The cost will vary depending on the functionalities requested and the volume of work.

Any further questions? Contact me here.

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