Creating a successful billboard advertising in Kenya

A billboard has different meanings depending on who you are, but for the purpose of this article, a billboard is an outdoor advertising placed on high traffic areas such as along the highways or busy streets.

Major roads in Kenya have lots of billboard placements, where you could place your ad.

They come in different sizes the most common being a 10 Meters by 12 Meters.

The success of your billboard depends on how good is your ad in grabbing users attention and effective use of call to action(CTA).

Here are few things you need to think about before putting up your billboard.

  • Do you have the budget?

Billboard advertising is very expensive that’s why it’s popular with big corporates who have huge advertising budgets.

The cost of setting up a billboard is broken into;

  1. Creative/Copywriter cost – For the best results, you need expert input to come up with the best advert. You need to hire a graphic designer( For layout and design) and copywriter(Wording of your advert).
  2. Printing cost – When your design is ready it’s time to print the ad.
  3. Maintenance cost – Billboards are managed by media companies who require either weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance fee. In Nairobi by the time I was publishing this article, it would cost you on average kes 140k plus VAT monthly at prime locations.

Therefore if you are considering billboard advertising you need a good budget.

The dark side of billboard advertising is that even after the huge investment you can’t easily measure the results and that sucks!

  • What are you selling?

You can use a billboard to either promote a product/s, service/s or for general brand awareness.

However, billboards work best for brand awareness or to supplement ongoing marketing campaign.

Don’t try to sell everything you got, just focus on one aspect and nail it.

  • Keep it simple

Billboards are located in high traffic areas, where everyone is on the move. You got few seconds to capture your audience attention, you can only do that by keeping your ad simple.

A successful billboard consists of a bold/compelling image and a great copy which you should keep to a maximum of 7 words while keeping text bold and in large fonts to enhance reading even from a distance.

  • Target audience

What’s your target audience? If you have no idea roll back and figure it out.

“Trying to reach everyone, appeals to no one”
Trying to reach everyone, appeals to no one Click To Tweet

Your prospects have a neighborhood, needs, desire, job title, mannerism e.t.c figure that out. With technology this is easy, you can use Personapp which helps you to profile your prospects.

Once you identify your prospects, it’s time to connect with them through a billboard close to them.

Example if you are selling luxury cars it’s wise to place it close to wealthy estates e.g Muthaiga, runda, karen or close to commercial areas.

  •  The design and copy.

As previously mentioned the success of your billboard will depend on your AD’s ability to grab attention and effective use of call to action.

To achieve this you will require the services of a graphic designer and a copywriter.

If you don’t have a budget to hire them, you can use below pointers to guide you in coming up with a great billboard.

  1. One large image has a greater visual impact than several images in one billboard.
  2.  No one got time to write down your website URL or phone no. Focus on a strong message. 99.9% of the people who view the billboard will not call or visit the website but if they like what you are advertising they will definitely google you.
  3. Once done with creating the billboard show it to your friends for 5-10 seconds if they cannot understand what you want to communicate go back to the drawing board.
  4. Billboards are very expensive, don’t use a headline that tries to explain your visual, that is wasting your space.
  5. Use bright colors, large fonts, and a bold image to attract your prospects.

There are a number of companies in the outdoor advertising industry who can help you in managing and hoisting your billboard in Kenya.

Below I have included a list of well know players in the industry Click to visit their website.

  1. Magnate Ventures Limited
  2. Adsite Limited
  3. Consumer Link
  4. Firm Bridge Limited
  5. Spellman Walkers Limited
  6. Alliance media
  7. Tangerine Investments


If you are looking for a designer to help you with your billboard design Get in touch with me here.

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