Don't lose sales because your Advert is missing these 5 key elements

Don’t lose sales because your Advert is missing these 5 key elements

Advertising takes the largest share of budget in most businesses.

At the heart of advertising is the ADVERT, which determines the success or otherwise of your campaign.


Advertising is very expensive, therefore you need to get value for your money, which is only possible after conducting research on what the market needs, what your competitors are doing and identifying the best way to reach the target market.

Below I talk about key components that makes a successful or better converting adverts.

1. The Headline

If you are familiar with magazine or blogs, the headline is the main selling point. A good headline will compel readers to read the story or just ignore it.

Using the same concept, your advert headline is the first  point of contact with your potential clients.

It’s  the hook that draws your potential client into your advert.

A brilliant headline should be short and give a hint of what the advert is about.

Depending on where you intend to place the advert there could be other competing advert, therefore your headline has to be unique to set you apart from others.

2. The Offer

After setting irresistible headline, your audience will like to know what are you offering.

This can be anything from a hot new product to a sale or limited-time discount.

A good offer presents the audience with an immediate benefit or reason to buy the product.

BUT a great offer focuses on the customer’s need and connect it to specific product feature that can help meet that need.

When coming up with your offer remember, the same effort you are putting so is your competition.

3. Image

An  image speaks a thousand words.

Other than the headline the image can be another way to attract your audience. Coloured images are known to yield better results than black and white.

The image should complement or help illustrate your offer.

If your offer is based on a product your advert should include attractive photo of the product.

The image should be simple to understand and try to have the product photo with a white background, this helps to better showcase product features.

4. CTA (Call to Action)

After your audience go through your advert what would like them to do? This is what CAT is about.

It could be; “Call us”, “Reserve your spot”, “Claim your offer”, “Only the First 50 Customers Receive a Free …”  among others.

The call to action urges your audience to take action after seeing your advert.

5. Contact Information

As you guessed it,

On this section usually at the footer, you provide contact information on how your customer can contact you i.e. Phone/tel No., Email Address, website, social media links, locations and any other relevant information.

Depending with medium used some of the advert may not have contact details particularly digital banners.

Case study

Below is a project I worked on.

The project was to design online banner advert which was used on Facebook promoted ads. The goal of this campaign was to increase app download.

Headline: Straded? (Not a typo, it was intentional) Get help on the road

The offer: Find road service & truck  repairs providers fast from…

Image: Simple, relevant and eye catching.

Call to action: Download

Truck Services Banner

Final words!

And behind a great advert is a great designer who knows how things work.

Putting together an effective advert requires the services of a creative designer like Myself.

I can guide you on the general look of your advert.

I work with individuals and businesses throughout the world and am looking forward to working with you.

Check out my general pricing HERE  contact me HERE or go through my work HERE

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