5 Basic steps to increase your facebook business page engagement

5 Basic steps to increase your facebook business page engagement

Below are some of the basic strategies you can use to increase your Facebook business page engagement;

  1. Involve Customers With a Question:

    Every customer wants to be heard and questions let them use their voice in the form of Facebook comments. you can Ask your fans to share about consumer preferences, help you name a product or describe memories and moments associated with your brand.

  2. Fill in the Blank strategy:

    Use a short sentence with one word missing to generate a significant amount of comments, likes and shares.

  3. Crowdsource Photo Captions:

    Decide on the emotion you want to trigger  or a goal, choose an image that makes participating irresistible, Upload your image and write a short description that invites fans to provide a caption.

  4. Share Quotes:

    Quotes are great for engaging people’s “Me, too!” feelings. On Facebook this is especially powerful as the Like button makes it easy for fans to express that feeling. A quote can associate your brand with good feelings and create a deeper connection with your market on Facebook.

  5. Gather Votes With Like vs. Share:

    Ask your fans to like a post to vote for option A, or share the post to vote for option B. Because vote counts are visible, fans are motivated to participate.

Among the mentioned which one works for you? What other strategies do you use to make your Facebook page engaging? Leave your thoughts below!