Top 5 Free website optimization tools every website owner/manager should be using

Top 5 Free website optimization tools every website owner/manager should be using

If you are reading this I am sure of one thing, you either own or manage a website, Right?

If not it will be awesome to learn something new.

I have managed and worked on lots of websites and throughout my work i have come to identify few tools that i think can be useful to you as a website owner or manager in tracking and enhancing their website performance.

Without further delays below are some free online tools that i found to be really helpful.

Note that you don’t have to be a developer to use these tools as long as you have a website these tools will be your best friend

The Tools

1. Google analytics

This is a free tool provided by google. This tool will help you to know the amount of traffic you are getting on your website based on location, gender, interest, type of devices used to access, among other helpful statistics about your website.

Visit this tool here

2. Google webmaster

This is one of the must have tool by google. It’s a free service with lots of features, one of the best feature is the index feature that help you submit you site to Google for indexing.

This helps your website to be found on Google when someone search for keywords that you have included in your website.

Visit this tool here

3. Google Mobile friendly test

Optimizing your website for mobile access is very important. For instance about 80% of my website traffic come from mobile devices I.e phones and tablets.

Recently Google had announced that they will start removing website that are not mobile friendly on its mobile search results.

Therefore this tool will let you  know if your website is mobile friendly or not.

Though a one time  tool it will help you ensure your website is friendly to all visitors on multi-devices.

Test you website here

4. Speed test tools

As the word suggest the tool helps to determine how fast is your website.

You will agree with me there is nothing boring as having to wait for minutes for a website to load.

Website visitors usually spends few seconds on a website and therefore if your website takes ages to load they are most likely going to go to the next faster website.

I have found below tools to be of great help in determining your website speed

  1. Google Developers PageSpeed Insights

  2. Pingdom Website Speed Test

  3. WebPageTest

  4. GTmetrix

The tools i mentioned above will tell you how fast is your website in Milliseconds. I addition they will show you what is slowing down your website and also give you suggestions on how you can solve some of the issues slowing down your website.

5. ‘Down for every one or just me’

I dont know if you have experience this.

Sometimes you try to access your website but all you get is the annoying “This webpage is not available”  Message.

You check you internet connection its fine,  you try loading other websites and guess what they are all loading except yours.

This is common and usually happens if your website server is offline.

This tool  will help you to know if it’s only you who can’t access the website or is it global i.e. Your website is offline globally or may be its you machine that cannot access the website.

Visit this tool here


I have personally found the mentioned tools to be of great help in my work and if used effectively can help you better your website performance.

Now its your turn what tools do you personally use to track and improve your website performance? add them or share your thoughts below via comment

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