How to build trust with your company profile (9 Tips)

How to build trust with your company profile (9 Tips)

People do business with people they trust.

In this article, I talk about some of the information you can include in your company profile to build trust and credibility with your audience.

To start us off, a company profile is your business introduction document that talks about who you are and what you do.

Irrespective of what industry you are in these are strategies that you can use to create trust with your audience.

1. Showcase your team

Businesses are run by people, having your team in the company profile shows you are transparent about your business and have a team of ‘real people’ to support it.

You can Showcase the team through headshots or photos taken of them going about their day to day duties.

Always remember people relates to people.

2. Include when you founded the business

I know this is obvious but most businesses don’t include their date of establishment.

Including the date you started the business shows your experience and reliability. For instance

If you were seeking services from two companies, one founded 50years ago and another 2years ago.

Logically you would go with the first company. 50years doing the same thing gives expertise.

However, longer experience doesn’t always translate to quality products or services.

3. Include past projects AKA portfolio

Showcasing your past project and demonstrating how you helped your customer is the best way to win customers trust.

Include a few of the best work in your business profile.

4. Include certifications & recognitions

In every industry, there are organizations that regulate how businesses conduct themselves and ensure quality standards are met in product or service delivery.

If your business fulfills set standards they issue a certificate. You can mention these certificates in your profile to build trust.

For instance, in Kenya, if your product is not approved by Kenya Bureau Of Standards (KEBS) you will find it difficult to sell it.

In addition, if your business has been awarded for excellence delivery, mention it in your profile.

5. Include reviews and recommendations

In a business profile, you are telling the best version of your story.

Including third-party endorsements in the form of client’s reviews and recommendations is the best way to tell your audience why customers love your products or services.

People trust businesses with good reviews from other people, this is why client referral works all the time.

6. Use custom images

There are websites where you can buy stock images. Which make sense if you don’t have a budget to produce custom high-quality images.

However, In every industry, there are photos or models that have been overused and you can find them in most profiles and website.

Using images familiar to the audience create an impression that you are just like the others.

For you to stand out in your industry use exclusive images created for your business.

You don’t need expensive equipment to create the photos, you can use your phone or invest in a good camera for your business.

7. Include partnerships

Businesses form partnerships, if this is you, mention these partnerships within your company profile, for example,

If you sell computers and you have a partnership with Microsoft for exclusive deals, mentioning this partnership will instantly build trust because Microsoft is a well-known brand.

8. Include staff relevant experience

Your business is as good as its people.

On your team’s company profile section include relevant staff experience and skill as part of their bio.

This shows you have the expertise and capacity to deliver.

9. Profile layout and Presentation

The last and very important is how you present your company profile.

As a rule of thumb don’t send your profile in editable file formats such as Microsoft word, powerpoint, and others, unless you want your recipient to edit your profile.

Always send it as a pdf.

To get your audience reading from the first to the last page, you need to balance between text and visual content.

You can see samples and learn more through this related post

Having a professionally designed company profile tells your audience that you mean business that is why you spent time and money to come up with the awesome profile.

In conclusion

Depending on your industry and business growth, you can use any of the mentioned strategies, BUT remember the first step to creating trust is by being honest.

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