How to vet and create content from your sales lead

How to vet and create content from your sales lead

A sales lead is anyone who has shown interest in your products or services, this could be through email, social media, face to face or call.

Sales lead can be classified as either hot or cold.

A hot lead is from a person who has done their research about your business, know who you are and what you do.

This person is ready to do business with you at the point of contact but might have extra questions to validate his/her buying decision.


A cold lead is from a person who has some information about you.

They need your products/services, but they need more information for them to consider working with you.

In most cases, cold leads come from referrals or search engines.

Leads can easily be converted into paying customers because these are people interested in your product or services.

Generating Sales lead is one of the main reason why businesses advertise.

However, sales lead could be a waste of your time and money if not properly vetted.

Vetting will help you interact with quality leads with high chances of closing the sale.

Sales lead through Email

Email inquiry is one of the popular ways sales lead come through.

I have had clients complain of getting so many email inquiries, but the inquiries don’t convert into sales.

After analyzing their lead generation strategies and content, the bogus inquiries is as a result of NOT PROVIDING ENOUGH INFORMATION.

For instance, if you are getting inquiries regarding what you do, it means your communication on what you do is not clear.

Provide all information about your product or services so that the leads don’t have to contact you asking for information that you could easily include on the website.

One of the common mistakes that will flood your inbox with inquiries is not including the pricing.

I know this is debatable but it depends on the industry if you sell physical products having prices indicated on the website is necessary.

Adding pricing will save you time responding to price related inquiries.

You are also sure the leads getting in touch know about your pricing and are ready to do business with you after addressing any other concerns they may have.

Using sales lead to creating content

If you are starting up,

You may not have all the information on the website but sales lead can help in creating your content.

For instance,

  • if you get a lot of inquiries on how to use your product, add that information as part of your product details.
  • If you notice you are answering the same questions over and over, you should create a Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) section on the website.

When your audience has all the information regarding your products and services you are sure to get better leads.

How to Qualify direct inquiries from the website.

Your website inquiries are based on a contact form where your visitors fill in and submit.

The best way to vet your leads is through this form.

But, be cautious, if you make your form too long this might discourage a serious client from filling the form.

In the service industry asking about the budget at the initial stages and how well the prospect articulates his/her needs helps to gauge if the lead is worth going after.


Sales lead is the lifeline of any business, proper vetting of the leads will make every inquiry matter.

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