How i solved “No Update Required Your WordPress database is already up-to-date!” wordpress error

Today I woke up to get this error ” No Update Required, Your WordPress database is already up-to-date!” on my wordpress website admin dashboard. I was totally locked out of the admin. I checked my mail  to get an email from wordpress indicating that my website had been upgraded to wordpress 4.1.5

As usual i went online to find a solution.  I found all manners of solutions from renaming plugin folder, to even reverting to default wordpress theme but unfortunately all of them never worked for  me.

As i was about to give up and contact my host then i found this simple solution

i.e. Simply rename the object-cache.php file located in wp-content folder. (This file is usually created by caching plugins.)

After temporary renaming this  file, i was able to have access to wp-admin. After which i renamed back the file to its original name.

This solved my nightmare. Now i can continue updating the ecommerce site. Its also worth noting that i found similar complaints online and most of them were related to dreampress a dreamhost hosting optimized for wordpress website.

This was my solution, have you ever encountered this error, what worked for you?

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