Getting started with online paid advertising in Kenya

I know you probably have done research on this topic , here are main benefits you get from online paid advertising.

But first…

what is Online paid advertising?

These are ads you pay to be shown online on social media platforms and websites.

Benefits of online paid advertising.

1. Online advertising gives you the power to target a very particular audience,

It could be as specific as,

Men aged above 30 years, interested in cars and lives in Muthaiga.

2. Another huge benefit of online paid advertising is the advanced control you have over your ADs.

You have the power to control the amount of money you want to spend, where you want to show your ads, set what time to show your ads, identify targeted audience location, among others.

For instance, if you sell and deliver lunch to offices within Nairobi CBD you could set up your ads to show from Mon-Fri between 10 am and 2 pm to a targeted audience within a specified radius in Nairobi.

3. Another benefit is the advance reporting feature.

Online paid advertising allows you to see how your ads are performing with tens of metrics to measure your performance,

The data will help you evaluate if you are getting value for money spent.

This data will also be useful in guiding future online campaigns.

Getting started with online paid ads.

If you are thinking of getting into online advertising you will find the platforms overwhelming.

You will have to spend a lot of time learning how stuff works with the specific platforms.


Most platforms have a simplified version or what they call express ad placement. They guide you step by step to quickly set up ads.

This is great for beginners however you have less control over your ad placement specifics.

If you have time and you are a quick learner you can get an online course to start you off on online paid advertising.


You can get a digital agency to set up, manage and report on your ad campaigns.

Successful online paid advertising.

The key to a successful online ad campaign depends on one thing.

How well you know your buyers.

How well do you know your buyers? Do you know who they are? What do they do? Where they hang out online/offline? among other details.

If you don’t know your buyer’s persona, you need to start thinking and creating.

A marketing persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience. For content marketing purposes, you need personas to help you deliver content that will be most relevant and useful to your audience.

You will find this resource useful in creating your buyer/marketing personas. The Complete, Actionable Guide to Marketing Personas

Online paid advertising objectives.

For businesses, Online ADs generally try to achieve any of the below three objectives

  1. Brand awareness – These are ads to keep the audience aware of your brand.
  2. Lead generation – These are ads with the intent for the audience to take a particular action, it could be to call the business, subscribe to your newsletter, send an inquiry or buy something.
  3. Influence consideration – These are ads promoting educational content with hope to influence the audience buying decision in the future. These ads are usually linked to a blog post.

Your ad campaign objective will help you evaluate your return on investment.

What you need to start using online paid advertising.

To start today on online paid ads you need two key things.

First, create an ad account with the respective platform e.g for google head over to Google Adword.

Second, add your billing details for payments.

You will need a payment card, alternatively use third-party payment gateway if allowed.

Personally, I have found PayPal convenient, Its all about preferences.

After you create your ad account and set up your payment correctly, you can now create your first campaign and ads.

In conclusion.

Online ads work on a bidding system, whereby the more money you are willing to spend on the ads the more people will your ad reach.

Therefore it’s very easy to spend a lot of money quickly, what you want to make sure is that you are getting quality results.

Finally, from a first-hand experience

Always remember to specify the date when you want your campaign to end.

Most of these platforms by default are set to run continuously.

You don’t want to receive a bill that will make you sh*t your pants.

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