Pass on the peace baton – Kenya general elections 2017

East or west home is best.

To me, that home is Kenya, a beautiful country with awesome people.

beautiful scenery in kenya

beautiful scenery in kenya

On August 8th, 2017 everything comes to a halt in Kenyans for us to vote our leaders.

Leaders whom we hope to lead us to the ‘promised land’.

I’m not a political analyst but this election particularly the presidential vote will be very close.

According to reports by election observers and government agencies, there is growing tension in numerous hotspot areas.

These are areas where there is a possibility of violence erupting after the announcement of the presidential results.

We all hope the elections will be peaceful for the sake of our mother land and IMPORTANTLY prove to leaders who are silently calling for war that we can vote and stay peaceful after the elections.

I also know peace is not easy to come by that is why Kenya Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has a huge task to conduct FREE & FAIR elections.

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The awareness

The presidential race has 7 candidates. For the purpose of this awareness.

I chose the top 2 candidates with massive influence that is Current president Uhuru Kenyatta AKA Kamwana and Former Prime minister Raila Odinga AKA Baba.

This awareness involves a simple Facebook frame that you add to your profile photo, proudly declaring whom you are supporting and call for peace.

It’s that simple!

So, who among the two are you supporting?

Kamwana or Baba try their frame on Facebook with a peace message here.

Below is how it looks like if you have any concern about this leave a comment.

I support raila oding screenshot - kenya elections 2017

I support Raila Odinga screenshot – Kenya elections 2017

I support uhuru kenyatta screenshot - kenya elections 2017

I support Uhuru Kenyatta screenshot – Kenya elections 2017

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