B M Musau & Co., Advocates Website Development

We currently manage B M Musau and Company Advocate’s website.

We identified the value we would bring with a new website and sent a proposal to either work on improving the current website or development a new website.

The client preferred a brand new website as they were heading to the 20th year celebration.

It’s almost 5 years since the previous website was developed. Technology has greatly changed and the law firm is quickly adapting to online marketing.

For these two reasons, the client needed a modern website that will support their online marketing effort.

We came up with a modern website that inspires trust from the visitors, easy to understand and navigate.

With a lot of marketing strategies within the website for lead generation.

Below is a video of how the new website looks like

Project Details
Law Firm website Development
February, 2019
B M Musau & Co., Advocates LLP