Printer logo revamp

Having a logo is your first block in building your brand.

Unfortunately, when starting a new business less emphasis is put on the brand identity, due to limited resources and the burning desire to start as soon as possible.

With this project, the client had a logo they have been using since launch.

They wanted a branding proposal based on the logo for a consistent feel of the brand.

Waves Branding Old Logo
Waves Branding Old Logo

However, we faced numerous difficulties in trying to come up with the proposal.

For this reason, we modified the scope to include revamping the logo to simplify it for clear communication and make it easy to use on any application while remaining legible.

Waves Branding New Logo
Waves Branding New Logo

The new branding concept has a brand pattern that includes some of the client’s branding products and a simple wave graphic.

Project Details
February, 2020
Waves Branding