Revision Past Papers Cover design – Top Grade Publishers

The client wanted a redesign of the existing cover to his product visibility on the shelves.

The current cover design was using gradient color as the background which is expensive in production.

 Top Grade Publishers Old cover design
Top Grade Publishers Old cover design

We came up with minimal solid colors to save on printing costs.

To make it easier to remember we maintained a simple color scheme, that also acts as the color code to differentiate subjects.

The general look of the old cover was too busy and chaotic.

By using hierarchy and shapes we were able to simplify its look which will help readers to quickly and better understand what the publication is about.

KCSE Revision Past Papers publishing is a highly competitive field with a lot of players from SMEs to Big Corporates.

To increase my client’s product visibility, I choose huge and playful fonts and removed the previous images to give more space for the text.

Project Details
Book Cover Design
December, 2017
Top Grade Publishers