Security company logo revamp

Marine Escort Services Limited is company based in Kenya.

It’s owned by senior retired military officers from Kenya Defense Forces with other members from the disciplined forces.

The company harnesses the knowledge and talents of disciplined forces wasting away due to early retirement.

The company had logos they have been using. But they needed advise in rebranding. They felt they needed a bolder logo.

Marine Escort Services old logos
Marine Escort Services old logos

From our analysis…

The company had two sets of logos.

Looking at the logo, we liked the color scheme (Blue Red) and other details within the logo.

However, the text was not working. It made the logo look very busy.

After discussions, we settled in using the company name acronym as part of the logo.

We also maintained some of the elements from the old logos so that existing clients can still recognize the brand.

Below is the new identity.

Marine escort services new logo
Marine escort services new logo

Logo Revamp takes away for businesses.

  1. a logo is an identity to be associated with your business. You don’t have to include your legal business name as part of your logo. Keep your logo simple and bold.
  2. Only have one logo for use in your business. To ensure consistency, which make your business recognizable and memorable.
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Brand identity
August, 2020
Marine Escort Services