How to promote Facebook Frame for your cause in 2 easy steps

I assume you already know about Facebook frame studio.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook frame studio visit here

The best way to inform you will be through my first-time personal experience with Facebook Frame studio.

My country was heading to a closely contested election particularly the presidential election.

There are worries that the country might experience post election violence after the announcement of the winners. Learn more about this here 

Having that in mind I wanted to pass a message of peace taking advantage of the influence the two candidates have.

Choosing the platform

After evaluating available social media platforms, I settled on Facebook because of its popularity in Kenya.

Facebook has several advertising products but I opted for Facebook Frame Studio feature.

I choose Facebook Frame because of its viral nature. For instance, if someone uses a specific frame on their profile photo, Facebook will notify his/her friends with an option to try it and the chain continues.

The creative

I came up with suitable banners that will help pass my message in a simple and nondisruptive way.

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga facebook profile banners for a peaceful Kenya 2017 elections

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga facebook profile banners for a peaceful Kenya 2017 elections

The roadblock

Back of my mind, I was sure Facebook will allow direct promotion of my frame.

But, to my shock, there was no such option from Facebook advertising.

After numerous search on google, nothing worthwhile came up.

To worsen my case, I also learnt that Facebook does not give specific URL to your frame. If I had the URL I could simply promote the frame through its link BUT that was not going to happen

(UPDATE: Facebook currently offer a direct link to your frame)

How I promoted Facebook frame for my cause

The good thing with the frame is that, if you have a page you manage you can create a post with the frame.

  1. I created a post using my frame. The post includes “Try it” button for visitors to try the frame.
  2. Once I created the post I boosted the post.

The results

I boosted the posts for 1 days and the results were super impressive.


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