Now offering Website and Email Hosting in Kenya

Now offering Website and Email Hosting in Kenya

What is hosting?

To start us off, Website and Email Hosting is a digital service where you buy server space.

This space can be used to store your website, it also comes with an email server which you can use to manage your domain emails.

And yes, this space has been online or accessible 24/7.

From experience

A few months ago a client approached us to work with them on a website development project.

She already had a website, but it was static, old school and added no value to the company.

During this project, the client narrated her ordeal with the website and email host.

In her words,

the website would go offline during peak season and all their business emails would fail.

To rub salt in the wound the contact person hosting the website and emails would not pick their calls during such incidences.

The service provider was available when payment was due.

Because of these challenges among others, the client required an immediate rescue from this host who was clearly sabotaging her business.

Having a huge contact list of good host we were ready to help the client move from the host, as we have done with similar cases in the past.

BUT not so fast.

It took about two weeks or so for the host to transfer necessary ownership.

We were very frustrated 😠

On one hand, the client was super excited to have her new website up and running and on the other hand, the host was frustrating our every move.

It took threats for the host to release the ownership.


This story has been consistent with most of the client we have worked with.

Having understood the majority of our clients hosting needs,

we quietly started offering Website and Email Hosting services to the immediate clients under the brand name


After numerous considerations, we opened up this service to businesses looking for a stress-free and professionally managed Website and Email Hosting.

You can learn more about what we are offering here.

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